Proportioned virgin liquid asphalt cement, crumb rubber and proprietary softeners blended together to rejuvenate old broken up asphalt, millings, RAP or virgin materials to produce the highest possible quality hot asphalt mix.

Introduced directly into your recycler along with the material being processed.

Product can be adjusted to your specific application and quality of old material being recycled.

So effective, you’ll need less of this product than anything else you’re using now and you’ll get better results for less cost.

Product is a solid, not a liquid, and is easy to handle and store.  Product does not freeze.  Shipped with a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Testimonials are available from BAGELA, KM, STEPP MFG and RENOVA recycler owners.


Call or Text Jim (217-306-4216) for questions, recommended usage, appropriate application, or for your own custom formulation, or to order.  CALL FOR PRICING, FREE TEST SAMPLES UPON REQUEST.

Comments on conventional “rejuvenators” prior to the advent of Bit-a-Blend: Roofing shingles are an inadequate rejuvenator.  Asphalt cement used in the process of manufacturing shingles is actually oxidized AC, designed to be “stiff”.  Shingles only contain 17 to 20% asphalt oil; so, a large quantity of shingles are necessary to be at all effective for adding asphalt cement: thereby causing stiffness in the mix and resulting in a brittle repair susceptible to cracking.  Simply adding vegetable oils, pine oils, greases, or wax beads does nothing to add asphalt oil to the finished product.  Rubber pellets with AC oil have too high of a concentration on rubber and other fillers which also result in stiff mix.  Other rejuvenators that use polymers create similar issues.  Bit-A-Blend has been correctly proportioned to provide you the best possible results.