BIT-A-BLEND is the ONLY rejuvenator specifically formulated and manufactured for use in asphalt recycling machines. It’s the ONLY rejuvenator needed.

BIT-A-BLEND consist of proportioned virgin liquid asphalt cement, crumb rubber and proprietary softeners blended together to rejuvenate old broken up asphalt, millings, RAP or virgin materials to produce the highest possible quality hot asphalt mix.

BIT-A-BLEND is introduced directly into your recycler along with the material being processed.

BIT-A-BLEND can be adjusted to your specific application and quality of old material being recycled.
It is so effective that you’ll need less of this product than anything else you’re using now and you’ll get better results for less cost.

BIT-A-BLEND is a solid, not a liquid, and is easy to handle and store. BIT-A-BLEND does not freeze and it has an indefinite shelf life. BIT-A-BLEND is shipped with a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Testimonials are available from BAGELA, KM and RENOVA recycler owners.